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Request More Information


Start out by providing your important details – E.g. date of the Event, type of the Event, expected number of guests, and any initial questions that you have for us.

Don’t have any questions yet?!  Don’t worry – we’ll get to those as we navigate the possibilities.

Meet & Greet: Site Tour


We will assign one of our fantastic Event Sales Coordinators to you and they will welcome you to do a free Site Tour of the venues that you’re interested in.

We’ll go through your vision and discuss key details pertaining to the Event. Note: if you don’t want a Site Tour, we’d be happy to discuss these details in a phone meeting.

What does an Event Sales Coordinator do?! We support you in the coordination and logistics of your Event planning.

Select Your Space


It’s up to you at this point – select the space that will inspire you and your guests! We are happy to put a Right of First Refusal hold on your date and venue until you’re ready to make your decision.

When you’re ready, we’ll present you with our Contract Agreement and you’ll be required to make a deposit payment equal to the value of the Venue Rental Fee. For instance, if it’s ENMAX on a Saturday night, the deposit would be $2,300.

Determine Logistics & Menus


We’ll work with you to coordinate the logistics including finalizing your menu selections and the timing of the Event.

This is a great time to decide on any external vendors/partners that you may want to involve in the Event itself. We offer a short-list of preferred vendors but we’re happy to work with any of your own.

And just to confirm – we will work with all Event Planners!

Experience Your Event


It’s time to welcome your guests and enjoy a remarkable experience at the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo!

And don’t forget: the revenue generated during your Event will directly support our important conservation efforts in protecting wildlife and wild places!


Contact us for more information!

Phone: (403) 232-7770

Email: [email protected]



How does your Event pricing work?

Our Event pricing has two essential components:

  1. Venue Rental Fee (which varies based on the location that you select)
  2. Venue Food & Beverage Minimum Spend (which varies based on the location and week day that you select)
Do you charge GST? Do you charge Gratuity?

As a charity not for profit, we do not charge GST on the applicable Venue Rental and Food & Beverage spend. An 18% gratuity will be automatically charged on all Food & Beverage selections.

What is the Venue Rental Fee and what’s included in that price?

The Venue Rental Fee depends on the Venue that you select – it ranges from $750 to $2,550. The Venue Rental includes Admission to the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo (for all of your guests), tables, linens, chairs, plates, silverware, and glassware.

What is the Venue Food & Beverage Minimum Spend mean?

The Food & Beverage minimum spend is the amount that you are required to spend on food & non-alcoholic beverage for all of your guests. This amount does not include alcohol, and there is no maximum to what you may choose to spend on your selections. This amount varies based on the Venue that you select and the day of the week that your Event will be taking place. Please note that your Venue Rental Fee, alcohol, and AV needs do not apply to this amount. As an example, if your Food & Beverage minimum is $1,250 and you have 50 guests, you will need to spend $25 per guest on food and non-alcoholic beverages.

What would the payment schedule look like for my Event?

In order to guarantee your Event date and Venue selection, you must provide your initial deposit along with the signed Contract Agreement. This deposit is equal to the Venue Rental Fee for the Venue that you selected. The outstanding balance is then due within 10 days of the Event date.

Do you have an in-house caterer? Can we bring our own food & beverages?

At the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo, the exotic experiences don’t end with the animals. Our chefs extend that feeling of discovery and excitement with inspired creations to delight your senses. With one of the largest catering teams in the city, we’re confident that your guests will enjoy a first-rate dining experience as civilized or wild as your taste! No outside food or beverage is permitted.

When do we have to make our final guaranteed guest numbers?

Final guaranteed guest numbers for your Event are required no later than 10 days prior to the Event date.

When do we have to make our final Menu selections?

Generally speaking, menu selections and dietary considerations are required no later than 30 days prior to the Event date but we will work with you and your timeline while planning out selections.

Are we allowed to decorate our Venue?

Absolutely, yes! Please consult with your Event Sales Coordinator on the full list of prohibited items (due to the safety and welfare of the animals) which include but are not limited to: all balloons, rice, confetti, piñatas, sparklers, fireworks, and all open flames. All décor must be free standing and the setup time allocated is up to 3 hours (including time for Catering to set the Venue). Upon request, your Event Sales Coordinator can check the availability of your Venue for earlier setup.

Will you work with our Event Planner?

Absolutely, yes! Even though you’re being supported by our Events Team, many organizations make the decision to employ an Event Planner for the Event. We are happy to work with all Events Planners.